Allow Our Caregivers to Care for Your Loved Ones! Toll-Free: 800-705-7182

Seniors Are Special has a committed staff of reliable and compassionate caregivers. Complete background checks are performed on all employees. Caregivers are carefully screened, fully bonded, insured, and receive extensive training and continuous supervision. Caregivers are matched with clients after a thorough review of each client’s needs and situation.

Our Caregivers are trained to help in:

  • Care Planning – Caregivers participate to provide a perspective based on day-to-day observations.
  • Recovery-Oriented Services – Caregivers work with individuals to maximize independence through skilled teaching and use of natural supports.
  • Engagement – Caregivers coach on the importance of attending appointments, prompt and cue clients to prepare for upcoming appointments including identifying transportation and scheduling.
  • Communication – Caregivers contact primary care physicians and family members with any changes to the client’s condition.
  • Wellness Maintenance – Caregivers provide health and wellness maintenance and prompts to help the individual make better decisions regarding their health.
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care – Understanding and compassion to cope with the care needs of the individual.

Employment Opportunity