Allow Our Caregivers to Care for Your Loved Ones! Toll-Free: 800-705-7182

We take pride in helping our Veterans and their surviving spouses to navigate the bureaucratic maze and complete the necessary paperwork involved in applying for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefits.

To honor the bravery of our veterans and the invaluable sacrifices they made to defend our country’s freedom, we would like to do our part in every way possible. We are aware that VA pensions and support programs exist, and these should benefit veterans and their spouses who need long-term care. However, because of the complex way of applying for benefits, a lot of eligible veterans and their surviving spouses do not get what they deserve. Fortunately, we have care coordinators and administrative staff who have the expertise in navigating the VA system. With our help, those worthy of VA assistance or long-term care funding will finally enjoy the benefits that are rightfully theirs. The same applies to the surviving spouses of veterans.

Even though the VA has a toll-free number and VA claim forms are freely accessible online, there are a lot of red tapes to get through when you’re actually filing the application. However, with our expert staff to guide you or inquire about pending applications on your behalf, the process can be so much easier. Let our team help you out and relieve you from the stress of filing for claims. This time, it’s our turn to serve YOU.

If you would like to find out more about these benefits, how to file for VA claims, and how Seniors Are Special can help you, please feel free to give us a call at 800-705-7182.

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